Grant Rounds

Historic Grants Data

Gitcoin has been organizing grant rounds every quarter. The last round (GR15) was run in September 2022, before moving to the new grants protocol.

3GR3_contributions.csv 0.33MB
4GR4_contributions.csv 0.83MB
5GR5_contributions.csv 0.92MB
6GR6_contributions.csv 1.30MB
7GR7_contributions.csv 1.91MB
8GR8_contributions.csv 3.35MB
9GR9_contributions.csv 23.73MB
10GR10_contributions.csv 40.55MB
11GR11_contributions.csv 55.19MB
12GR12_contributions.csv 61.47MB
13GR13_contributions.csv 38.91MB
14GR14_contributions.csv 74.79MB
15GR15_contributions.csv 56.72MB

Data dectionary

  • address: user's last known Etheruem address
  • grant_id: unique identifier for a grant
  • checkout_type: what was the payment network? (e.g. ZK-sync, Polygon, Ethereum Mainnet)
  • amount_in_usdt: value of donation in US dollars
  • raw_amount_in_token: value of the donation denomninated in the donated token
  • token amount_in_token_minus_gas: value of the donation after gas is subtracted
  • tx_id: unique identifier for the transaction (onlky available for n on-privacy preserving networks - i.e. not available for ZK platforms)
  • created_on: date donation was sent